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About Ghazali

Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences Peshawar is a Medical Sciences (GIMS) where medical professional are learning modern approached to the field of medical science.

  • The institute was established in 2008.
  • Currently Ghazali have 1600/- total number of students and one of the leading institutes in 100 registered institutes with KPK medical faculty.
  • In 2019, GIMS was granted registration and affiliation from Higher Education Regulatory Authority (HERA), Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) and Khyber Medical University (KMU) for Bachelor’s degree programs and Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PPC) for Pharmacy Category-B.
  • KMU granted us BS PROGRAMS affiliations in five disciplines i.e.
    • Doctor of Physical Therapy
    • BS Radiology Technology
    • BS Anesthesia Technology
    • BS Dental Technology
    • BS Pathology Technology
    • Currently, we have submitted file for the following new programs for affiliation purpose with Khyber Medical University (KMU);
      • BS Nursing & Post-RN
      • BS Cardiology Technology
      • BS Cardiac Perfusion Technology
      • BS Emergency Technology
      • BS Intensive Care Technology
      • BS Dialysis Technology
      • BS Surgical Technology

    Our Vision

    GIMS is to be a role model institute focused on the concept of producing professional paramedics and allied health sciences professional/graduates trained who shall adopt modern techniques in health care and will demonstrate consistent humane and sympathetic behavior to their patients with sound professional manners.

    Our Mission

    The mission of GIMS is to improve community health through their medical professionals by Imparting quality education, superior professional skills and to inculcate Islamic values in the students to prepare them as role model for the community to produce graduates in respective disciplines to serve humanity both at indigenous as well as globally.

    Goals and objectives:

    The primary goals of Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences are:

    1. To contribute towards the improvement of health status of the people of this region by providing competent and well trained medical professionals /scientists, to serve in different far flung areas of KPK.
    2. To provide facilities, resources and services that will ensure a forthcoming independent leadership, technical skills and creative thinking in medical field.
    3. To provide quality education and skills in an affordable fee structure.
    4. The institute will ensure academic excellence through quality education in peaceful environment.

    The goal to spread education cannot be achieved only by the public sector but the private sector is the maximum shareholder in the development and imparting education in medical field/allied health sciences.


    The institute is governed by the Board of Governors. The composition and written consents/acceptance letters of all it members are attached



    Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim


    Chairman and Director
    Ghazali Institute of Medical Sciences Peshawar

    Dr. Farkh-Ul-Islam


    Chairman Pakistan Study Center
    University of Peshawar
    Dr. Abbas Ali, MBBS, FCPS (Orthopedic)
    Director Al-Khidmat Hospital Peshawar
    Dr. Rahim PhD Education
    Assistant Professor Qurtaba University Manager Educational Services
    Mr. Khaliq Waqas
    Provincial President
    Al-Khidmat Foundation Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
    Mr. Maseh Gul Director Darul-Islam